Project concept for an Albert Einstein Discovery Center in Ulm, Germany

We summarized our ideas on the Discovery Center’s Vision, Mission, Exhibition concept and Importance for the city of Ulm in a project concept which is available for download below.

 The Discovery Center will offer three different experiences to the visitor:

  • A historical guide  to Einstein’s life, his family background and the city of Ulm in 1879, the year of his birth. The exhibits will provide visitors insight into the historical and political context of Einstein’s life and work.
  • A modern technology showcase  of Einstein’s research and theories. The exhibits emphasize the roles they play in modern society and our daily lives.
  • A science center  with interactive experimental physics exhibits. It will offer hands-on participation by visitors of all ages, with a special focus on interesting young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Together, the three parts will cover Einstein’s past, his influence on the present and the continuation of his legacy by young scientists of the future.

Each of the three sections could stand alone, but together they provide a wider, more diversely interesting and forward-looking approach to explain the legacy and the man – Albert Einstein.


Download the project concept:

project concept
PDF-Document [2.28 MB]

General Members Meeting


On September 16, 2016, we held our first General members meeting of the project group “Friends of an Albert Einstein Museum in Ulm”.  The proposed association charter was adopted by the eight founding members.


* legal name: Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm e.V.